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Products & Services

A Partial listing of Aircraftsman Quality Services:

Structural Repairs
Major Repairs
Major Alterations
Design and Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Aviation Product
Sheet Metal Parts Fabrication
Tooling Fabrication
Composite Repair
Composite Fabrication
Composite Construction
Flight Testing
Aircraft Ferry
Aircraft Transport
Pick-up and Delivery
Damaged Aircraft Retrieval
Weight and Balance
Engine Repairs
Annual Inspections
Damage Assessment
Repair Estimates
Containerizing for Shipment

Metal Working as an Art Form

Rebuilding aircraft is an art that requires the utmost in quality craftsmanship. Aircraftsman takes that art to the next level. In-house ability, proven reputation and multitudes of years experience in restoring damaged aircraft can only put your mind at ease. After all, it is your aircraft and your family in the plane. The next power cycle of your props and the wind beneath your wings measures the difference between mediocrity and Aircraftsman's unparalleled commitment to your safety of flight.

Aircraftsman staff of structural airframe specialists will provide you, our client, complete retrieval, disassembly, rebuilding, reassembly, set-up and flight test from the start to the finish. Our one stop facility handles the structural repair, coordinating engine work, interior repair or replacement, paint and avionics restoration.

You are an integral part of the rebuild process. Let us know how we can assist you best in any and all facets of your airframe rebuilding. Aircraftsman works seamlessly with your insurance adjuster, getting your plane completed in a timely manner, all performed to your demanding expectations.
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