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7000 Merrill Avenue, Box 100
Hanger B-350 Chino, CA 91710

Sales/ Support:
Mark Wilson - President -


The Big Picture:

Aircraftsman is the last phone call you will ever make.
When it comes to airplanes.

Aircraftsman provides all levels of up to date maintenance and repair for your airplane.
Aircraftsman supplies paint, windows, sheet metal and so much more.
Our highly trained technicians also handle oil changes and annual inspections to keep you aircraft flying smooth.

Letters of Testimony

The last point of contention.
The coffee here is very good. Come on by to see the attention to detail first hand. Feel free to ask lots of questions. Immerse yourself into our techno-artsy world, wherein any of our friendly staff would delight in being of service.

As a contributing author to this web site and an employee. let me recant my favorite story.

A customer came in with wind damage to his rudder. We managed to get a loaner rudder for his plane, albeit silver. We installed the loaner within an hour. so the customer could make his connections using his aircraft. All the while, as the plane was in for the rudder, the customer light circuit was repaired, with the customer leaving the airport in compliance with FAA regulations.

Because a flight surfaces was modified, our customer got to do a check ride with our company test pilot. (You should have seen the smile on this guys face when he got back).

The customer while waiting watched our signature process on completion of work, wherein a master technician reviews every nut and bolt.

So there you have it in a nut shell. Sixty minutes. Five men. Parts, Service, Electrical, Test Pilot, and sign off.

Some times when service is that good you can just tell from how customers react.
That is my story, and I am sticking to it.
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